I never

Ever have to plan another wedding. That’s the mantra that keeps replaying in my head. It was absolutely perfect, I would not change a single thing about it, but I would never do it again. Ever. I see all these stacks of ‘random wedding stuff’ (leftover vintage books, bridal magazines, extra invites, etc) and ‘wedding to-do lists’ around the apartment and I cannot even express my glee that it doesn’t matter any more. It’s over! It was a success! Hallelujah. My plan for the blog now is to break down the big day in small chunks – easier for the reader to digest and easier for me to focus on. I have a ton of advice, tips, what not to do – that sort of thing, just waiting to be regurgitated through the blog and in case there’s anyone out there who could benefit from it I’m going to write about everything probably more than I should.

My brother took this photo before the ceremony actually started. This sort of gives you an idea of how I felt all day – happy, laid back, and despite what one might assume from this photo, completely sober.

(You may remember this post about the photo booth props I made with some friends? This tiny top hat is one of them. Also, this photo booth was generously donated by a friend and her husband who made it and used it at their wedding.)