Wrap Up

The good news is that five months later we’re still married. The even better news is that I’m finally sitting down to share the details of the wedding. Time really does fly, eh?

Our Venue: Mt. Baker Clubhouse
This was the least expensive venue option we found in Seattle for the number of people we wanted to invite (maximum capacity at the Mt. Baker Clubhouse is 200). It also allowed us to have the DIY wedding we wanted, but still have a beautiful venue that had a roof. (Covered weddings are a must in Seattle.)

The perks to the location of the Mt. Baker Clubhouse were that we went to the park across the street to take all of the photos before the wedding (THANKFULLY it stopped raining for a couple of hours that day because we did not have a plan B.), and we were able to sign the marriage license next door at Mioposto…while drinking a celebratory beer. (The beer obviously wasn’t necessary, but turned out to be exactly what I needed.)

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