Wrap Up

The good news is that five months later we’re still married. The even better news is that I’m finally sitting down to share the details of the wedding. Time really does fly, eh?

Our Venue: Mt. Baker Clubhouse
This was the least expensive venue option we found in Seattle for the number of people we wanted to invite (maximum capacity at the Mt. Baker Clubhouse is 200). It also allowed us to have the DIY wedding we wanted, but still have a beautiful venue that had a roof. (Covered weddings are a must in Seattle.)

The perks to the location of the Mt. Baker Clubhouse were that we went to the park across the street to take all of the photos before the wedding (THANKFULLY it stopped raining for a couple of hours that day because we did not have a plan B.), and we were able to sign the marriage license next door at Mioposto…while drinking a celebratory beer. (The beer obviously wasn’t necessary, but turned out to be exactly what I needed.)

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Down to the wire.

Now that we’re only 4 months away from the wedding (eek!), it makes my ‘inspiration’ sharing really, really difficult. I’m getting to a point where I’m making decisions and getting things finalized, so of course I don’t want to share with you what I’m actually going to do because that would ruin all of the surprise. So forgive me if my posts aren’t as frequent these days. I would like to assure you – that only means there will be lots to share after the wedding.

So for now I will leave you with a great idea for a table decoration that I won’t actually be using at my wedding. :)

I love the polka dot one!



DIY Bride

Remember when I got this magazine? I’m still loving it. It has step-by-step instructions for various wedding projects. Some of them don’t pertain to me since I already have someone doing the invites and my guest party favors picked out, but there are still quite a few great ideas in here.

Drop earrings: Even if I don’t use this idea for the wedding, I’m sure I’ll be making them at some point.

Bridesmaid Tote: I love this idea. A usable, creative and inexpensive bridesmaid gift.

Seating Chart: I think I’m going to copy this one exactly. It’s elegant, easy and really inexpensive.

Books as centerpieces

My friend Katie sent me the link to this wedding that was featured on 100 Layer Cake. You should check it out, because the whole event pretty much looks perfect. More specifically though, they also went with books wrapped in twine as part of their decor, which is one of our ideas! They stepped the idea up a notch and incorporated the table numbers into the mix. Genius.

Craft Projects: Wedding magazine collage!

I got together with a couple of friends on Friday to make a poster board of wedding ideas. It started out as a semi-serious event (only things we mutually agreed upon as being good ideas got torn out) and then my friend Kelsey got the idea to add my head and Steve’s head to the magazine photos. Genius. It turned a fun Friday night event into some serious good times. I mean obviously wine was involved, but it would have been just as fun either way. Probably.

We decided that if we added the heads of guests and the bridal party (once Steve and I figure those minor details out) it could turn into a brilliant idea for a bridal shower game of some sort. Maybe you have 5 minutes to create a fantastic collage and the winner gets a pot holder or something? I don’t know. The details are still up in the air.

(My friend Heidi got married in June and had quite the collection of wedding magazines that she had purchased and some she had inherited from her cousin. Since they were all at least 2 years old I didn’t feel bad cutting into a few of them. Thank you Heidi!)