Groomsmen attire

I have no idea what Steve has in mind for what his side of the wedding party will wear. But I just did some research on my own and I think I’m going to have to reinvent the idea of what groomsmen wear to a wedding. The thought of really matchy-matchy outfits just isn’t doing it for me. It’s obviously 98% of the country’s cup of tea, so hopefully that didn’t offend anyone. (I am, generally speaking, the outlier in most situations.)

Check out the blog post for the above photo here. It’s freaking me out how much their wedding is like what I picture ours to be. Apparently I’m not as awesome and original as I thought.

I love this wedding too! See the post here.

Lovelovelove. Source for the above photo here.


2 thoughts on “Groomsmen attire

  1. I’m so glad that Sam and I are celebrating 8 wonderful years married in just a couple of weeks… but seriously, I didn’t much care about the wedding decor or what was being worn and such – I was just excited to be getting married to my best friend!

    I am in love with all your ideas becky and if I were doing what I did 8 years ago right now, I would so want you to be my wedding planner and I would want my groomsmen to dress like that first photo :).

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